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Please pray for South Korea, after the tragic Ferry sinking, almost 300 people are missing. Keep them in your hearts and prayers. ♡

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[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] [NOTICE] This week’s MCOUNTDOWN and Music Bank schedules has been changed due to the disaster.

[KYUNG] My heart hurts I will pray for them

[JAEHYO] I will be praying for everyone to return back home all safe and sound

**A ferry carrying 459 people has sunken off South Korea’s southwest coast; rescue operation underway. Around 320 passengers on the sinking South Korean ship are students on a school trip. 459 on board; 2 dead, 164 rescued, 293 missing.


when u see a child actin up in public and their parent does nothing about it


“I want to do more in this world than just live in it.”
— Unknown (via c-ultures)